1. Simba's Avatar
    hello, after i unlocked my iphone. the keyboard sound nor the lock sounds not coming. pls help m
    2007-10-21 08:39 AM
  2. jonnystel's Avatar
    check that your phone is not on vibrate... the little switch on the left side near the top of your phone
    2007-10-21 10:32 PM
  3. Simba's Avatar
    thanks for the help. you were right. the phne was on vibrate. :P
    2007-10-22 02:02 AM
  4. koosnat's Avatar
    so i feel like such an idiot i felt obligated to respond. i too had hit the silent switch on my phone... i check ipod program for functionality, and oddly enough, it worked perfectly... sound and everything, so i had assumed audio was enabled. way to go apple.
    2009-01-06 11:11 PM