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  1. Marquise258's Avatar
    i recently found a Iphone on the bus and when i got home i booted it up and it says Connect to Itunes with a Yellow Triangle so i connect it to itunes and it says an unknown error occured when i triedt to restore it. DID THE PERSON SHUT OFf the service or something
    2007-10-21 10:00 PM
  2. xfsasx's Avatar
    no it can be repaired,

    they cannot blacklist the imei from what i have read but i had the same problem with my phone once and it was cause the services.plist was messed up i had to use the jailbreak fix but this was awhile ago so i cant remember every detail but do some research.
    2007-10-21 10:05 PM
  3. Marquise258's Avatar
    Are You Sure U cant remember any thing please think or at lese do some research 4 me cause i looked every where
    2007-10-22 10:06 PM