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    Setup - I have a brand new iPhone 1.1.1 right out the box received today.
    Guide - I am using the following guide:

    Problem - This sounds embarrassing but I cannot get past step 3 "Your phone will ring itself, press answer" and after searching the whole board it seem like I am the only one. I enter *#307# and then press call and the screen flickers and takes me back to the emergency call screen with the phone ringing and vibrating. I cannot press answer because the screen does not stay up. If I press 0 and call then the screen with answer decline stays up, but not when I type *#307#.

    Anyone get this issue or know what I can do so i can get into Safari?


    I did a google search and found this link and it solved that problem:

    So for anyone that has an issue getting to safari use the link above if the first link's guide does not work.
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