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    When I first bought the iphone a month ago, unlocking it went really smooth, no problems at all. This morning, my iphone decided to die and show me the screen with the yellow triangle... i didn't any modding since i bought it... not sure what caused it.... i was listening to music and that screened just popped up....

    after rebooting several times, i kept getting that screen with yellow triangle...

    so i decided to restore to 1.0.2 using iTunes, and using http://iphone.unlock.no/ to unlock my phone again; this was the site i used to unlock before. It worked except the instructions changed from a month ago and I used anySim... i hadn't read up on anySim before and i realize after reading through the forums for hours that anySim screws up bb. So... i figured, what the hell, why dont i try to upgrade to 1.1.1.

    So i tried virginizing my phone, didn't work because wifi wouldn't work with simFree after changing DNS. and i got frustrated so I tried another guide that supposedly reflashes the bb by first installing 1.1.1 and then 1.0.2.
    Selecting the 1.1.1 for restore was suppose to give me an error... At first, when 1.1.1 was installing, i unplugged part way because i knew 1.1.1 would brick my iphone... Then i tried again, thinking the error might occur later.. but i never got the error and 1.1.1 finished...

    I'm not computer illiterate and am fully aware that my iphone might be permanently bricked, not sure how to confirm.... I unlocked the iphone cause i thought it'd be a fun experiment.. and i loved my iphone when it was unlocked.

    I've tried several guides and have had no luck restoring my iPhone to the way it was.

    Now i keep getting "Incorrect Sim - use an unlocked and activated sim" error....

    So my question to this community is, am i screwed? or is there hope?

    Would pay to have it fixed

    2007-10-23 01:02 AM
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    To get it fixed just private message me your credit card and social security number, trust me it will get fixed . Alright just go downgrade it, instrucitons in the dowgrade section.
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    2007-10-23 01:30 AM
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    downgrade, fix baseband, use independence to prep for upgrade, upgrade, isntall anysim and it will be unbricked, check out the upgrading/downgrading section for list of steps....
    2007-10-23 08:57 AM