1. dubaimobiles's Avatar

    I have an iPhone 8GB with version 1.1.1 which is not yet activated.

    I connected the iphone and started installing AppTap. It then shows me an image for connecting to iTunes.

    I then tried with iBricker and it did not work as before (my previous successful unlock). Before It used to give time for downgrading but now it does not give me any time.

    I cannot go in recovery mode. It again shows me to connect to itunes. And I cannot downgrade the phone to 1.0.2 using the update.

    I have also tried *#307# but the phone only rings I cannot answer the phone. Please help me.

    My other phone which was accidentally updated to 1.1.1 was downgraded back to 1.0.2 with one of ReVaN's Tutorials . Please help me for Activating and Unlocking this iPhone.

    2007-10-24 05:03 PM
  2. NateFishler's Avatar
    Hi There.

    I actually had an error similar to this. My iPhone (stock 1.1.1) had a totally shot baseband. It was forever stuck in recovery mode (the iPhone cable with the iTunes icon). It took me a long long time to figure it out but I used much of the revirginizer method and restored my iphone to a factory fresh state. The revirginizer method is for phones unlocked @ 1.0.2 then upgraded. 1.1.1 revirginizing is a different story. All the files you need are on my site so read the directions, ask any questions if you need help, and good luck.

    2007-10-25 04:34 AM
  3. iliketj's Avatar
    what if are using a mac
    2007-10-25 04:58 AM
  4. MitchTheBoss's Avatar
    hold the sleep(top) and wake buttons...
    let go of the sleep after exactly 10 seconds... (1 mississippi, 2....)
    keep holding down the home button until itunes says a device in recovery mode blah blah... your phone should still look off... recovery should work now
    2007-10-25 06:46 AM
  5. NateFishler's Avatar
    what if are using a mac
    If you are using a mac then you should be able to put the phone into DFU mode and initialize a downgrade to 1.0.2. Once you are there use iFuntastic to do the same thing as iBrickr.
    2007-10-25 07:43 AM