1. racerx_'s Avatar
    I have been using this guide to unlock 1.1.1 phones... basically downgrading the firmware without downgrading the baseband.

    i usually install anysim1.1 from iBrickr and all is well.. I wasn't paying attention since i did it so many times, and for some reason iBrickr is only showing anysim1.02 today... so i accidentally ran that on the phone. At the end it said invalid sim..

    my question is, have i messed it up and need to re-virginize? or has it simply been unsuccessful and i just need to run anysim1.1?

    2007-10-25 03:57 AM
  2. Piz's Avatar
    Don't worry about it. Follow the "normal" procedure to "pre-upgrade" 1.1.1 and then "update" to 1.1.1. The firmware/baseband will get updated again. Once there, activate / jailbreak / SSH and then install AnySIM 1.1 to unlock it!
    2007-10-28 03:11 AM