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  1. modbox14's Avatar
    here's my situation. i have an iphone but i dont have at&t yet, and wont until about 2 weeks from now. right now i have tmobile. can i unlock my phone for tmobile and then 2 weeks from now when i have switched to at&t still be able to use it with at&t with all of the features working. or would i have to restore the phone with itunes and revirginize it or something to get it to work with at&t.
    i just want it to temporarily work with tmobile until i get my at&t service working.
    how would i do this?

    and yes i know i posted this somewhere else on here too but i think it was just the wrong forum. sorry haha.
    2007-10-27 02:26 AM
  2. rlich8's Avatar
    That shouldn't be a problem. We did that with my brothers iPhone. Unlocked it, used T-Mobile for a month or so, then virginized the baseband/firmware, upgraded to 1.1.1 and activated it with ATT.
    2007-10-27 03:51 AM
  3. modbox14's Avatar
    ok awesome. do you have a guide that you suggest me using? or the guide that you used?
    i need to do that exactly.
    2007-10-27 04:13 AM