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    long time lurker of modmyi here, although i still have some questions.

    I'm from Canada and plan on crossing the border very soon to pick up an iphone and use it with Rogers. but i'm obviously a little weary about the whole unlock activate break process for obvious reasons, including because returning it would be a nightmare.

    So my questions about the iphone include:
    1. I've read that ziphone isn't as safe as everyone thought/thinks it is as there have been numerous cases of communication boards dieing and the only reason found so far is that they all used ziphone to do so. correct me if i'm wrong on that one. but now i'm looking to use iLiberty+ and was wondering if a BSD installer and Open SSh from installer and a Appsupport patch will have to be installed on the iphone like with the Ziphone as iclarified.com suggests to do (in their Ziphone tutorial).

    2. along the same theme, is there an installer after using iLiberty+ like there is with the Ziphone, which makes it seem like adding 3rd party apps is easy to do? or is it more complicated with the iLiberty+?

    3. if every time an iphone patch comes out, and i want to upgrade to it, will i lose pretty much everything on my iphone to do so? not only third party apps, but also contacts, calenders, notes, to do lists, etc?

    4. I've had the same phone for the last 4 years. So i'm wondering if it is possible that the simcard is now outdated and could cause problems activating? Might i have to go to rogers and ask for a new simcard? or do simcards not get updated and mine should still work?

    I appreciate any help i can get. i've seen this community is really good for answering questions and helping each other so i hope to hear from you guys.

    2008-04-21 03:00 PM
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    i would you pwnage to do all of your jailbreaking, activating, and unlocking if you are on a mac, if you are on a windows machine, i would just wait a couple weeks at most and then use it... neither of the methods of unlocking at this point are not fool proof like pwnage seems to be... with iLiberty+ you can add a whole bunch of programs with it... i don't know about the whole sim card but i have had my sim card for 2 years now and it workw in my iphone
    2008-04-21 08:31 PM
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    #1) iLiberty is a far much safer way to unlock your phone. I've used both with a windows system and have had no problems. iLiberty doesn’t permanently downgrade your BL like Ziphone does. With iLiberty you can choose to have it add bsd subsystem & SSH.

    #2) You can click to have iLiberty add the Installer app to your phone.

    #3) When a new "patch" or firmware update comes out, you want to wait to update, and scower this site until you find out that it works with your unlocking software. You will have to re-jailbreak but can back-up your current settings.

    #4) your sim card should be fine.

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    2008-04-21 09:21 PM
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    thanks for ure help guys. definately clarified things for me.

    #1) wut do these ssh and bsd subsystems actually do? are they worth installing right away?
    #3) can u back up ure calender appointments and notes as well tho? and u can port these things (calender, appointments, etc) with ure pc using a certain program can't u?
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    2008-04-22 04:40 PM
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    ssh allows you to access the files in your iphone and bsd subsystems allows most third party apps to run and function. they are worth installing first and are important to have.
    you can backup your data with diff apps on a pc like iphone pc suite and what not
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    2008-04-22 05:24 PM
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    If you do use ziphone, as i did on my first phone then get bootneuter and upgrade your BL.
    2008-04-22 06:08 PM