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    With the release of winpwn beta you windows users can now pwn your iphone. But as this is only a beta it doesn't allow you to unlock your phone, well iclarified has come up with a solution. Firstly pwn your iphone as normal using the beta version and make sure you install the application. Once this is done you will have a locked iphone, simply to unlock you will need to open up installer and add iclarifieds repo which is, once this is down you can download a application called BootNeuter from the list of packages. Finally once installed you will now have the ability to Neuter your bootloader, Unlock your baseband, Reflash your bootloader to 3.9BL or 4.6BL, and Fakeblank your bootloader.
    f you are on 3.9BL you will probably want to select 3.9BL, Unlock, and Neuter.

    If you are on 4.6BL you will probably want to select 4.6BL, Neuter, Fakeblank, and Unlock.

    Once you have selected your desired options press the Flash button at the top right hand corner.

    Once again many thanks to iclarified for this little work around, and let me know how you get on!
    2008-04-22 12:38 PM