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    Been reading all the good posts on here...

    O2 in UK launch 9th of Nov. So can pick a legit phone up for 269. Can I Follow the unlock guide in this forum via Jailbreak & whack in a UK Sim?
    2007-10-30 06:10 PM
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    My opinion is that there will be a new firmware just before the UK launch. It's happened with most other launches of products gradually rolled out worldwide. They are tested on the one market (normally the US) then updated for the next regional launch.

    The PS3 for example being the most recent one I can think of.

    I believe a firmware upgrade is required for the UK launch, the telephone number format for storing contacts is different in the UK for example than the US iPhone. I also think they will use the opportunity to roll out a few more improvements/fixes.

    Apple can't run different firmware trees for different regions so I can't see any other options for them. Thats just my opinion though.

    I should also add that I doubt they will do it the same way in the UK as in the US. In the UK I suspect they will sign you up to the account in store as they do already, so when you buy you HAVE to have the contract.
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    2007-10-30 07:40 PM
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