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    Guys please help me.

    I was trying to fix the Youtube issue with the method of Deactivate and Activate with Indipendence, so I launched Indipendence 1,2,5, pushed the button Deactivate, followed the message to push together home+sleep button for 3 sec (till slide off appears), switch off the iphone and switch on, and now is telling me "Activate iPhone" "connect to iTunes".
    Indipendence was waiting to see the iPhone, so I waited for 1 hour, but nothing, then I forced the exit from Indipendence.
    Now the problem is my MacBook doesn't see the iPhone anymore!!
    I tried to disconnect and connect again, but nothing change: my Mac doesn't see the iPhone, in fact is not charging!

    What can I do??

    P.S. I running a MacBook Intel Duo Core 2+Leopard+iTunes 7.4.2
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    2007-10-31 08:58 PM