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    I have a situation with an activation issue..... I think.

    I purchased an iphone 1.0.2 a while back and activated it using itunes (I have At&t service). I then went ahead and installed Apptapp and all third party apps including Anysim. Now I need to use the phone on another service provider. I tried using Anysim and it said it was successful but I inserted a Porta/Movistar sim and it did not work, I got the "Invalid sim" error. Now I was reading somewhere this is due to me activating through itunes.
    Do I have to reactivate the phone? If so can I just use jailbreakme dot com or do I need Independance? I would love to use jailbreakme dot com to unlock my service but I believe it's only for 1.1.1. Can I do a restore on my iphone and upgrade to 1.1.1 just by using itunes? Another thing is that i sent my phone to Ecuador so I don't think that upgrading to 1.1.1 is an option (unless I send the 1.1.1 update to the person over there to install manually?!).
    As you can see I'm in a bit of a bind......... I know I'm asking a lot of questions but any help would be greatly appreciated!
    2007-11-02 03:54 AM