1. Hackme's Avatar
    I unlocked my iphone when i had firmware 1.0.2 and when i updated i was temp. Bricked out. My brother has an iPhone and he wants to update 1.1.1 but he doesn't know if it has been unlocked. I told him to wait so i can try to find out before he bricks it. Does anyone know how to tell if an iphone has been unlocked?? Simple answer is "sure, update and if the phone still works then no". Well i want to avoid that so if anyone has any advice please go ahead.. Also, I tried switching my SIM with his and on his phone there is a message that come up that says please connect to iTunes to reactivate, but before this message comes up i am able to actually make calls with my sim in his phone.
    2007-11-02 05:28 AM
  2. mizdachubz's Avatar
    yeah i want to know too
    2007-12-20 07:29 AM