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    I installed jailbreak on a new phone without activation and then after syncing with iTunes 7.5 and adding contacts to my phone (version 1.1.1) I left it overnight unplugged. Some where in there it locked itself up. I've tried to reset my phone but nothing works!!!!

    I've tried to hard reset my iPhone by pressing the power/sleep button along with the home button, but nothing happens. It cycles through and then the icon indicating low battery with a red glow at the bottom of the battery comes on - no slider, no apple icon - nothing!! I've had the reset buttons held for more than a minute with no luck at all.

    Just the same old icon re-appearing with nothing for me to do. Its not recognized on iTunes or my computer. What can I do? Any suggestions? please help!!!!

    I was out of clues as to why this was stuck... Of course like the other phones you cannot remove the battery and reset the phone, so I was waiting to run the juice out of the batteries.

    After waiting more than 14 hours the battery never drained out, so I thought why not power it up and see if it works for a reset - and lo and behold it did!!!! I had to charge it for about 30 mins and then when I tried the hard reset it worked and the apple icon came and after about 3 minutes the phone had reset itself and everything works as before.
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    2007-11-12 12:19 AM
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    Your iPhone works now?

    In my iPhone the Emergency Bar has stucked, is the same problem?
    2007-12-20 03:49 AM