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    Hello all,

    First off - thanks a lot to the members of MMi community - I've learned a lot reading through these forums! However, I've got an interesting dilemma on my hands (at least to me); I've searched high and low and haven't found anything related, but I really apologize if parts of this have been covered before. Also, I apologize for the long post - it's an involved story...:

    The summary:
    - Strange: iPhone doing weird things like being warm all the time, usage times under Settings -> Usage are a few minutes within the standby time with no use on my part, and I'll get a drained iPhone at the end of the day after taking off the charger that morning.

    - Stranger: intermittent - the problem goes away whenever I restore the phone.... until some point when it decides to come back again - I notice because my pocket starts burning up. This can range from hours to days to weeks after I "make it go away" somehow.

    - Strangest: when the problem happens, I can't turn off my iPhone - it will, without fail, reboot and not stay off. I'll get the rotating circle, brief off of about half a second, and then bootup screen comes up again.

    The question is: a) does this sound familiar, and if so, what's the deal? b) if it's a hardware issue (my reasons below), what luck have people been getting with regards to replacing an unlocked/activated/jailbroken 1.1.4 iPhone at a Genius Bar with T-Mobile?

    The details:
    - Got an iPhone 8GB during the first batch of AT&T refurbs a few months back - was told that it had a 1 year warranty, so I felt reassured. I have T-Mobile service, so my intention was to unlock from the start.

    - Went home, read up on iPhones in general, and saw the thing about the water damage indicator on their site. Thought the idea was kind of clever, and looked at mine for fun... and realized that mine had turned red. Not even 24 hours into me buying it. No, I didn't do it.

    - Called Apple hoping that they would note it in their file or something of that sort; they asked for my iPhone number, said I just got mine and didn't have one, so they asked for my serial. They told me that it was activated around Christmastime, and I told them that I had just bought it (this was early March). They were kind of confused, but told me that I had to go return/replace at the store because they couldn't note anything in the file. Of course, at this point, I knew that the store didn't have any more refurbs, so there would be no point in going.

    - Decided that since I had no choice (and that maybe the refurb company just... forgot to change out the indicator), I'd keep it and think nothing of it. I restored to stock 1.1.4 and then unlocked/jailbroke/activated with (please don't bash unless it's relevant) ZiPhone - everything from there worked really well. I imagine using it for a few weeks up to a month and a half with no problems.

    - One day, was wondering why my iPhone was warm out of my pocket and it had already shown me the blinking red battery. Also strange was the fact that the blinking red battery screen would show, go away for a second or two, and come back on screen, repeatedly without me pressing a button or anything. Thought nothing of it, charged it up again, and the next day, same thing - warm iPhone all day, worn down by the end of the day. Charged it up again, and tried to turn it off to keep it from discharging; weirdest thing - it would not turn off. The sequence of turning off would show (rotating circle), turn off the screen for half a second or so, and then come up with the Apple logo again showing that it was booting up.

    - Decided to do a restore to 1.1.4 and again, did a ZiPhone. Also plugged it back into iTunes and restored the backup of my sync. I don't remember if the problem came up immediately, or after some time, but the problem was again prevalent.

    - Did a restore again to 1.1.4, did ZiPhone, and set it up as a "new phone" in iTunes. Also didn't install any apps. The phone seemed stable for a week or so, so I started installing one app, and then another, and pausing for a day or two in between. One day, it came back, so I thought that the culprit was the Wallpaper application (turns out to be a coincidence).

    - Again, restore to 1.1.4 and ZiPhone. I believe this time I didn't even jailbreak it - just unlock and activate. Stable for some time (a week maybe?) and then the problem came back again.

    - This time, I was kind of pissed. I read up on how PwnageTool was better, so I decided to do the cleanroom method on my phone again, this time with PwnageTool. Fresh restore of 1.1.4, and then used PwnageTool to create a custom 1.1.4 with baseband unlock and BootNeuter. Flashed that to the iPhone, with no restoring of the iTunes backup, and then used it without any problems for roughly two weeks. Then installed apps and things of that sort - again, stable for another week or two. And just when I thought it wouldn't happen again, I found myself holding a hot potato.

    - More PwnageTooling, more restoring, more of the same old results - and it'd always come back by the time I thought I had licked the problem forever.

    The thing with this problem is, sometimes, it'll be persistent and always happen even after reboots. And sometimes, with the right amount of button pressing and docking and charging patterns (the sequence of which is a mystery) it'll suddenly jolt itself out of the problem without needing a restore. Inevitably it'll come back. Anyone have any insight with a remotely similar problem or solution?

    So, I can't decide, given the above symptoms, whether it's software or hardware. The thing that makes me leans towards software is that the usage time actually correctly shows that it's been awake for 6:36 and standby be 6:42 (always close but off by a few minutes when the problem occurs). The thing that makes me lean towards hardware is that the dang indicator is red. If it is a hardware problem, I'm blessed with a 1 year warranty that, because of three factors, I can't use:

    a) I've got a T-Mobile SIM - from what I've read the Geniuses care more about the fact that your phone is on AT&T than the fact that it's been thrown around. And then I've heard stories where people go in and walk out with a replacement, just like that. If I have an AT&T SIM, can I add the $20 iPhone thing to my plan and then remove it after I get my iPhone serviced without extending my contract? Will they be suspicious

    b) I've got a turned water damage indicator - and I know for sure that I wouldn't get it wet, ever. Not even high humidity, like a shower or anything like that. It was red the day I got it, and I couldn't feasibly return it. I hear that when they see that, it's an automatic denial of warranty. Can I talk my way out of this? (I'd be telling the truth too - which is the real kicker!)

    c) I've got a jailbroken/unlocked/activated iPhone - this is the least of my worries though because I can just do a restore and clean things up so they don't know... right? Also, they'll restore the phone in the store and Murphy's Law will without fail make sure that my iPhone works perfectly in front of them.

    Anyone have any insight into their experiences with the Genius Bar? Anyone have any tactics to ensure a better chance of me being lucky with the Geniuses? Anyone heard of this strange issue with my iPhone?

    Any information on anything related, however simple and repetitive, would be very very greatly appreciated

    Thanks again!
    2008-05-15 08:57 AM
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    Well, I would play dumb.

    Just restore your phone and bring it to the store telling them whats going on.

    I think they will replace it.
    If I could help you with my answer give me a
    2008-05-15 07:37 PM
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    Any updates here?

    Have you been in your Apple store?

    Keep us posted.
    If I could help you with my answer give me a
    2008-05-17 09:08 AM
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    Well, I would play dumb.

    Just restore your phone and bring it to the store telling them whats going on.

    I think they will replace it.
    I'd hope so, but I've got a few things going against me:

    1) If I take my AT&T line and add the $20 data plan, will that extend my contract? Will they be suspicious that I just added it a few days ago before I went to the store?

    2) I mentioned the water indicator - they'll definitely check that if I talk about my iPhone warming up randomly. Any tips here? Should I play dumb at one store, and then tell the truth at another? I've got 4 Apple Stores in my vicinity.

    3) I'd have to wait for the iPhone to start having symptoms with the AT&T line - which could happen or not. I guess that's a waiting game I'll have to play... and wouldn't they restore at the store anyway?

    I need to play the system just right, and I've got 4 chances to do it...

    Will keep you all posted - more ideas very welcome!
    2008-05-17 03:48 PM
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    I've had my phone get warm when trying to load Safari pages in a weak signal area and it takes a long time or stops loading.
    2008-05-17 07:52 PM
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    I've had my phone get warm when trying to load Safari pages in a weak signal area and it takes a long time or stops loading.
    Does this happen with anyone else? I would be surprised if this is common with other iPhones since an extensive Google search a while back only showed me maybe one other small reference about this issue.

    So far I haven't seen the problem happen with me since it "fixed" itself - but will keep an eye out on Safari if my phone/usage times go wonky again.

    Again, will keep you all posted - more input greatly appreciated!
    2008-05-20 02:36 AM