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    i hope i'm posting this in the right section, if not i'm sorry, it certainly isn't on purpose.

    okay, let me explain my predicament, well actually my buddies predicament. He has an iphone, fw 1.1.3 (might be 1.1.4, not sure, he says he upgraded it to 1.1.4 from his iphone and no computer. I'm not aware of any such upgrade which leads me to believe it's the service tag trick app whatever thing). He says he spilled water on his pants on the side his iphone was in while at a party or chillgather or something and when he took it out the touchscreen wouldn't work. So this concerned him, he let it dry and it still didn't work. This was 2 weeks ago, now the iphone is in my possession and the screen works but i get the following messages: when the phone is on sleep and i tap the home button i get a "Repair Needed: iPhone cannot make or recieve calls. www.apple.com/support" than there's a slide for emergency slide as well as an i (for information?). When i tap the i, i get a "IMEI: Unknown ICCID: Unknown" message

    Sliding for emergency quite obviously gives me a call for emergency keypad, the keypad does not work though.

    Is there a way i can "clean" the iphone so it can be repaired? (I hope ya'll know what im pointing at for a "clean" phone...)

    Please help either through this forum or pm me.

    Another note, NO WIFI!! scary scary scary bit for me for some reason.
    Please don't stop the music
    2008-05-15 04:38 PM