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    Ok i just got done installing theme on my phone from customize. oh yeah running 1.1.4 broken with ziphone the first version that came out. But then i changed the theme soft restarted and went to check my gmail then boom. a white screen with a blue line down the side and i reset it and it took the touchscreen forever to go back one solid color (you know what i mean?) then it wont recognize in itunes or iliberty or on the computer. running windows xp home edition btw. Is there something I can do? Last night the phone started acting really funny and wouldnt let anyone hear me through the phones microphone but would through bluetooth. I dunno I was justab out to sell it on ebay too and go buy a new one when it came out.
    2008-05-15 04:23 PM
  2. Poseidon79's Avatar
    If it will boot up you need to restore it. Just a're not using any kind of after market car charger or something are you?
    2008-05-15 04:30 PM
  3. Otherkid's Avatar
    it wont boot up just sits at black screen. well i use a monster cable ipod transmitter for my car. but i havent used it today. yeah ive tried rebooting it everyway i know. would ibrickr help? and i cant send it in to apple to fix it until its not jailbroken. =((

    edit: no spinning wheel nothing no logo just black screen like its off and no i didnt spill anything on it.
    2008-05-15 04:36 PM
  4. Poseidon79's Avatar
    Its possible the Monster accessory isn't quite the right voltage for the iPhone. iPod and iPhones use different voltage and I've seen MANY people fry and iPhone with an ipod accessory. If the phone won't power up for you it's unlikely it will power up for Apple.
    2008-05-15 04:41 PM
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    1 Thread please
    2008-05-15 05:04 PM
  6. Otherkid's Avatar
    well i talked to the apple people on the support line and they basically talked to me like i was an idiot and then told me that my firmware was fried and it needed to be taken into the apple store later on tonight to have it looked at. Well the thing is I have a 4 gb and it was jailbroken. I bought my phone from AT&T so I have the warranty...but the cant get into my firmware to look around. So does it mean I get an 8gb? or a refurbed 4gb? Or is there a way to get firmware off the phone even when its got 0 response on anything? Anyone comments?
    2008-05-15 06:29 PM
  7. Poseidon79's Avatar
    Think of your phone as a computer. If it won't boot up they can't see whats on it. They also cannot remove the flash memory (hard drive) and inspect the data on it either. You should be safe. As far as what they will give you in return, I would hope an 8gig.
    2008-05-15 08:53 PM
  8. Otherkid's Avatar
    HAHAH yeah right i thoguht so too....but just our luck they have backup warranty 4 gigs just for people with broken ones haha. now im trying to jailbreak with iliberty and it didnt work it would run the script and everything on the phone then no installer on springboard? trying ziphone now will edit post in a min.

    yea ziphone worked with installing everything I dunno what's up with iliberty it would only flash the baseband down to 3.9 but no installer on springboard. Weird but man I wish they would come out with a new pwnge tool for windows.
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    2008-05-16 02:08 PM