1. sheshaw3's Avatar
    Hi, I have got this iPhone running 1.1.4 and it was previously unlocked but got updated, so it locked again. I re unlocked it again using ipwner and ziphone (on 10.5 mac os x) and everything works great, but I am having the wifi issue where it states there is no wifi, nor bluetooth. I tried running the ziphone wifi fix, and it did not work. So I restored it in recovery mode with the latest 1.1.4 update and it is STILL sim unlocked. The phone recognizes tmobile and everything. Any help is much appreciated, thank you for your time.
    2008-05-18 09:16 PM
  2. haseeb's Avatar
    first of all using Ziphone is very bad idea (Bad for your iPhone)
    Now all you need to do is restore your phone in recovery/DFU mode whatever you find convenient.Then download iliberty+(windows)/ilibertyX(mac) then activate,jailbreak and UNLOCK your phone with downgrading the bootloader (depending on your OOTB bootloader).Then i think your phone will be working fine and unlocked.If any problem presists.You can contact me on the modmyi IRC channel or via PM
    2008-05-19 12:29 AM
  3. ChAoS aCiD's Avatar
    Wait, how is Ziphone bad for your phone.. Does it make your phone take drugs and make it smoke and drink?

    ziphone is just buggy not "bad for your iPhone"

    2008-05-20 07:34 PM
  4. smirkis's Avatar
    ziphone aint good for your phone, so its not beneficial or helpful. so seems pretty close to being bad.

    when u pwned ur phone, did u select to neuter ur baseband? if so, i believe that makes it solid and untouched by restores.

    why would you pwn and ziphone? you only needed pwnage, as ziphone has destroyed your iphone. like many others
    1.1.1>1.1.2>1.1.4>2.0>2.1>2.2>3.1>3.1.2 blackra1n'd

    waitin on my white iphone 4
    2008-05-20 09:38 PM
  5. Poseidon79's Avatar
    HAHA... dude seriously. Stop ripping on Ziphone. If you follow his instructions it works just fine. Downgrading the bootloader is fine too. Oh and pwnage neuters your Bootloader, and unlocks your baseband. As far as i know ziphone has never destroyed or bricked anyone's phone. A simple DFU restore solves problems. And people who have problems generally start with a phone that's not freshly restored like is recommended.
    2008-05-20 09:41 PM
  6. smirkis's Avatar
    ill rip on ziphone if i please, freedom of speach. hard coding mac addresses to fix a problem, only creates more problems.

    i said my peace, and will continue to do so
    1.1.1>1.1.2>1.1.4>2.0>2.1>2.2>3.1>3.1.2 blackra1n'd

    waitin on my white iphone 4
    2008-05-20 09:49 PM