1. Sandric's Avatar
    I just got my iphone and i tried to use ziphone to unlock it.however, it came with a pretty bad battery that i didn't know and it died in the middle of "DO-IT-ALL" with ziphone.now the screen just says some BSD major, minor and i can't get my itunes to recognize ithow can i fix it??????
    2008-05-19 07:33 PM
  2. JAG2621's Avatar
    You have to put in dfu mode and do a restore and anytime you are doing anything like jailbreaking or winpwn or iliberty+ the first thing you do is PLUG IN THE IPHONE!
    If anything was usefull a thanks would be great!
    2008-05-19 08:57 PM
  3. Robcoffee's Avatar
    Don't you need the iPhone connected to your computer for Ziphone et al to work anyway? I thought they accessed the ipod via the USB connection not WiFi?
    2008-05-19 09:00 PM
  4. squaresoft's Avatar
    in order to use ziphone et al softwares to unlock your phone... you have to realise that your phone is not working properly anyway that now what you need is to get your phone to work properly first, then consider unlocking it.

    Get a firmware file now and do a complete deep restore on the firmware. Get it to boot properly so that you can at least see something on your iphone itself. When everythin's cool, your itunes should detect your iphone. By then, you proceed with the unlocking procedure.... well make sure u have enough batt to do whatever it needs. Usually iLiberty+ or Ziphone doesn't take very long so it should be ok...
    2008-05-19 11:07 PM