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    Hullo ~

    I'm currently on firmware 1.0.2. i was curious on the font size of the carrier, ie, Singtel or M1, it's not the logo but rather scrolling words when one turn on the iphone.

    So i went to do hex editor n tried to change the font size from 14 to 11 and then i turn off e iphone. Then the whole phone jammed, it will not boot up, only the white apple logo turns on.

    i then tried to restore the iphone but when i did independence, the program quit unexpectedly. so i tried again but to my horror, my iphone started looping on and off! What should i do now to restore to it's working condition?

    I'm exasperated. Pls help me. Thank you so much.

    2007-11-17 03:49 AM