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    If your iPhone has a serial number with 7*745 or 46 or up then it will have 1.1.2 firmware with the new bootloader 04.62 (or whatever). If you're unsure or your serial number is on the border, then upload bbupdater to usr/bin and run bbupdater -v it will tell you you have a 3.9 or a 4.6 bootloader. IF IT HAS 4.6, AS OF 4AM SUN NOVEMBER 18 YOU CANNOT (CAN NOT) UNLOCK THE PHONE. THERE IS NO WAY TO DO IT. THERE ARE ABOUT 20 DIFFERENT THREADS ABOUT THIS AND THEY ALL SAY THE SAME THING. THERE IS NO VERSION OF ANYSIM THAT WILL UNLOCK THE NEW BOOTLOADER...IERASER WILL NOT DOWNGRADE THE BASEBAND. NO IFS ANDS OR BUTS!!! mods, please close this thread.
    2007-11-18 09:59 AM
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    Thread Closed, Per Your Request.
    2007-11-18 11:25 AM