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    OK, I've restored to 1.1.2 firmware, and when at Step 3, I go to restore to 1.0.2, I get the error 1 message. I have gone to DFU mode about 15 times now. Always the same thing. Am I bricked? Any suggestions?
    i was having the same problem... i was getting pissed and just kept pressing the home button until the restore thing got started without error and also try restarting itunes...so worked after 6 or 7th time for me... (to tell you the truth...i was just pressing the home button randomly rite before where the error would appear(end of file decompression) as i was getting annoyed...i think mine worked by luck...hopefully urs does tooo )

    i just read the replies to ur post..mines actually didn't work even with the zip file...
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    2007-11-22 07:12 AM
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    that seems to be an issue with restoring
    2007-11-24 06:22 PM
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