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    Hey all, I've been reading through these guides and they all seem pretty simple, except they all seem to be for people buying a new iPhone and using on other networks than AT&T.

    I'm planning on buying a used iPhone, popping out my sim from my PDA phone and popping it in the iPhone. I already am on a PDA plan for internet/email with AT&T.

    Will I have to do anything other than the peice of the guilde for running anysim to allow my sim to go in? I assume I wont have to fully unlock the phone since I wont be using it with a non-At&t carrier.

    When updates come out it obviously breaks the unlocking, but does it break the anysim as well?

    Thanks for any tips!
    2007-11-19 11:14 PM
  2. Colonel_Klinck's Avatar
    I have a similar question in that i am going to buy an iphone in the UK but for the next 3 months i need to use it on Orange as my contract doesn't run out till Feb. I then want to put the O2 sim in and get it back working with O2 with all the O2 features on.
    As its been unlocked can it be reset back to when i bought it from Apple? Or do i have to wait for the software updates to be cracked before i can use them?
    I'm sure this has been answered in another thread but could see it on a quick scan.
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    2007-11-19 11:27 PM