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    I'd be interested to understand a bit further how AnySim works,
    in particular,

    1. does the sim card used in the unlocking process is important,
    or you can unlock with carrier 'A' and go with 'B' after processing?
    2. why is so important to use the 'old card' in OneSim, does that
    mean you hve to use your at&t card, or precisely the sim card you
    used to unlock the phone ?
    3.what goes on with the NCK counter, I mean,
    does it get incremented if I use more than one sim card ?
    does it get to 'null' after OneSim, or do I have to revirginize the phone
    to get to 'null' ?
    3.c. finally does the virginization process involving the ierase command
    bring the NCK counter to 0 ?

    Thank you to help me, at least for one question, I would appreciate
    to understand a bit further AnySim
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    2007-11-21 06:10 PM
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    - It doesnt matter what sim you use when you unlock
    - It doesnt matter what sim you use when using onesim
    - The NCK counter will increment by 1 everytime you try to unlock the phone, not when you change Sim Cards, however, as of anySIM 1.1, the NCK counter does NOT increment when you unlock. When you virginize the iPhone, your NCK counter returns to zero.
    2007-11-21 09:07 PM
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    Thank you for this precise response. Now I'll beter understand the AnySim intricacies.
    2007-11-22 06:47 PM