1. Tweaked's Avatar
    My phone is unlocked, but I dont know how.

    I bought it this way a couple days ago.

    Is there a way to find out how it was unlocked?

    What is the best unlock?

    Can I go back to factory, and then perform a new unlock to have a better modding experience?

    Or am I thinking to outside the box and should just keep going forward with what I have?

    I am new to this and just need some more input from people like you.
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    USA T-Mobile - Unlocked iPhone w/ 1.1.1
    2007-11-22 03:00 AM
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    Follow this guide:
    Dell XPS M1710
    Intel CORE 2 DUO T7400 2.16 Ghz
    1 GB RAM
    NVIDIA GeForce Go7900 GS 256 MB
    Windows XP SP2 Media Center Edition

    iPhone 8GB
    V1.1.4 Unlocked
    Youtube Working
    WiFi Working.
    2007-11-23 08:32 AM