1. sanchez911's Avatar
    i have firmware 1.1.1 and i tried to unlock 1.1.2 by upgrading to 1.1.2 and downgrade back to 1.1.1 and run anysim 1.2u. But i fail, so i downgrade to 1.0.2 and re-virgin it and update to 1.1.1.
    How can i unlock 1.1.2, my friend told me that anysim1.2u can only be used once. ...
    so. yeah, any help?
    thanks in advance
    2007-11-24 07:28 PM
  2. luckyownz92's Avatar
    After you restore it, the unlock goes away. Since you revirginized it, upgrade to 1.1.2 and follow the tutorials again.
    2007-11-24 10:22 PM
  3. ojx's Avatar
    to be on the safe side run anysim 1.2.1u on 1.0.2. upgrade your phone to 1.1.2 to get the 04.02.13_G baseband. then put your phone into DFU mode to downgrade to 1.0.2. after that, use ibrickr to kick it out of restore mode and jailbreak and activate 1.0.2. install ssh, bsd sub and then upload anysim 1.2.1u. set the persmission of the anysim file to 0755 in your ssh program and then restart your phone. after that run anysim 1.2.1u and wait for it to unlock. after unlocked upgrade to 1.1.1 (your phone might not have any signal but its okay), then jailbreak and activate then install oktoprep then upgrade to 1.1.2 then jailbreak it and viola. make sure your auto sleep is set to never!!
    2007-11-25 02:57 AM