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    anyone knows what will happen when i upgrade my iphone with another program?
    first upgrade V.1.1.2 with iliberty or .... than upgrade to V.1.1.4 with other program like Ziphone or etc

    my iphone are unlock/jailbreak already, so what will happen if i just update with itunes?

    now i can't open installer, when i opened just back to home screen
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    if you do a restore and update through itunes, your phone will be returned to an out of the box factory like state and you will have to re-jailbreak.. the jailbreak method you choose to use does not matter.
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    2008-06-02 08:44 AM
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    that mean when i update with itunes my iphone will be lock like new and than i just can jailbreak with any program. but is that later get problem or not?

    what i have to do first before i update with itunes or other program?

    what is the best to upgrade i mean wich program?
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