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    Hi there !! Last night I was trying to upgrade to 1.1.2 from 1.1.1 and I failed the process so I restored back to 1.1.1 and I had the new 04.02.13_G modem firmware. Originally I had the older 04.01.13_G and it changed to the new one because I upgraded to 1.1.2 and even though I restored back to 1.1.1 the new modem firmware stayed there (That's normal).


    When I connected my iphone to my PC, iTunes automatically started as usual and took me to the O2 activation screen !! The thing is that I have an American iphone produced in week 39 !! and before it used to say incorrect simcard and now whenever I connect my unactivated U.S. phone to my PC it takes me to the O2 activation screen.

    I am using an O2 contract (have it since last year and its not an iphone contract)

    This all happened after I had restored back to 1.1.1 (but had not activated or jailbroken it).

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    2007-11-28 05:47 AM
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    Were you able to activate on O2 just fine?

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    2007-11-28 05:53 AM