1. RickyGray's Avatar
    Hey All..

    Would love to upgrade my unlocked on Vodafone 1.0.2. iPhone. I understand that with the unlocking software still on it you can upgrade without connecting to my laptop. However, once I had unlocked my iPhone I deleted the software from the phone as advised.
    I had a link to a page in this site which I used to unlock my phone back in September. I'd love to get back to it but I cant find it. That way I figure I can put the software back on and unlock it. I'd love a bit of help with doing this if that's possible.
    Any help would be gratefully appreciated. xcuse my ignorance if I'm talking rubbish. Guidance would be awesome..
    Kindest regards..

    2007-11-28 08:48 PM
  2. Dom's Avatar
    If you want to upgrade to 1.1.1, this guide should help:

    2007-11-28 08:50 PM
  3. RickyGray's Avatar
    Hi there...
    Thanks for the input. 2 things.

    1) The first is that I can't download the virginize pack. It says I'm not authorized even when I sign in.
    2) When I tried to run iNdependance it says "Failure" unsupported version of iTunes 7.5

    Does anyone have any other solutions to my problem? I have 1.0.2 with no software on it as i deleted it once I had unlocked my phone.

    Many thanks..
    2007-11-29 12:24 AM
  4. atm_10142k's Avatar
    try www.hacktheiphone.com very detail with pictures i used on two phones.
    2007-12-01 06:07 AM