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    Guys I have unlocked iPhone out of the box 1.1.1; I have been using it since October 20th, I īm still learning some basic things. Right now even though my iphone works I made a mistake (just playing with it) I downloaded the Customize app, and after tried with different summerboard, I set the customize to put zero icons on the dock, and......?, Then the app replaced the last 5 icons on the screen for the new 5 posted from the dock.
    Unfortunally in the last five icons I had (customize; mobile finder, and a couple more I donīt remember). THE PROBLEM I canīt restore to the previous situation, SOMEONE can help me in order to solve this problem I just created for my lack of experience.

    Someone who can lead me to solve the problem, I have [U]safary 100% functionally[/U], maybe I can download another installer thru this and with that app if I can see on the screen I could erase simple app and games app till customize appear on the screen of the iphone an then I can fix it. Please guys I desperate someone can helpme.

    Useful : today accidentally while my iphone was turning on but locked, I press the main bottom 3 times and on the top of the screen appeared the ipodīs control ready to use (and it works) remaining the iphone locked.

    2007-11-29 01:18 AM
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    If you have SSH installed you could connect to it and delete your displayorder.plist which controls what is displayed on your iphone springboard (the home screen)
    2007-11-29 01:26 AM
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    Thnks for your help, I know I have SSH installed in my iphone, but I donīt know how to handle it. Any additional help please!! any guide , etc.


    Hey I downloaded into my computer winscp I could conect it with my iphone and Iįm seeing in my computer all apps in my iphone but I could not find display.plist to delete. I trying deleting other programs some games to create space in my iphone , but I could not sinc with it. Am I missing some procedure+, after I deleted inwinscp How can I order the computer to do that in my iphone?, It s look like Iam close. I need some extra help. Thanks again. I hope you see this post again. tomper
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    2007-12-08 05:05 AM
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