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    Hi All,

    First of all sorry if I sound very stupid but I'm still in the step 1 to jailbreak my 1.1.2 OTB US.

    I'm using iTunes 7.5

    These are the steps I'm following:

    1. Turn on iPhone
    2. Press the power and home button until the iPhone turns black
    3. Once the iPhone turns black I release the power button, only the power button and keep pressed the home button.
    4. A very nice white Apple appears in my iPhone screen and then goes back to the activate screen.
    4. iTunes (which is already opened) sends an error saying there was an error while restoring my iPhone, an unknown error (-11)

    So the result is that I can't even select the firmware. If I press ok (the only button) to the error dialog and then press the shift key (its a windows XP) it does nothing.

    I already tried these steps by closing iTunes first and then opening it once the iPhone shuts down.

    Can anybody help me please? :-)

    Thanks in advance!

    Ah yes, and in iTunes (7.5) when I connect normally my iPhone it shows up iTunes with a nice 'helper' to help me activate my iPhone with AT&T, I click cancel but the helper stills shows up.

    Ah yes, and when I connect my iPhone to iTunes (without trying to restore it) it shows up a nice "helper" (or wizard) to help me activate my iPhone with AT&T I click the cancel button but it shows up, so I never see the restore button when I go to restore mode in iTunes
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