1. icedx2's Avatar
    Hey Guys, I am selling my iPhone, obviously to get the 3g in a month, I am selling it unlocked but always have used an att sim card, I bought a tmobile sim card with like 100 minutes on it, when i put it in the phone after pwning it i just get No Service, aswell with the Zibri method, so does every type of tmobile sim card work or only certain ones? I dont want to send this phone out Locked but I have properly unlocked it but i dont see what is wrong
    2008-06-11 12:30 AM
  2. br8thw8's Avatar
    I would think that it would work but maybe the PrePaid sim cards are different. I currently use a T-Mobile sim (not PrePaid) in my iPhone and just recently have been getting occasional problems with No Service.

    I went out and bought an ATT PrePaid sim and it works in my iPhone. Weird thing is that if I get the No Service with my T-Mobile sim and pop in the ATT sim it comes right up with a signal.

    Maybe you should find someone with a regular T-Mobile sim card and try it.
    2008-06-11 01:40 AM