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    Is it possible for now(I am wainting for a way for unlock my phone) to skip the registration to my iphone(display the itunes icon and i can do only emercency call)?
    Is it possible to use the iphone like ipod with no service?
    Thank you
    2007-12-01 03:44 PM
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    read the stickies
    2007-12-01 11:01 PM
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    Yeah theres a nice big sticky at the top explaining everything in one sentence.
    2007-12-01 11:54 PM
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    Ignore these idiots above me. What you want to do IS possible, yes. You can use your iphone as an itouch. although i don't see the point. you can use it as an iphone too.

    to use it as an itouch, downgrade to 1.1.1 and then jailbreak.


    Connect iphone.

    When you open itunes it will probably say "Activate Iphone" when you click it in the sidebar.

    Get rid of this by running ibrickr 0.91 and just clicking free my iphone (or boot? not sure which one) then close it.

    then you can go into itunes and shift-click restore. find the 1.1.1. firmware on your hdd (you need to download this file from the internet).

    once restored it will give an error. this is okay

    open iBrickr again and click the big button it has. your iphone screen should work now. it will restart and stuff but it should be on the activation screen.

    jailbreak 1.1.1.

    now do the following to jailbreak it in 1.1.1:

    1) Slide the emergency lock.
    2) Dial *#307#
    3) Press the back button to clear the number you just dialed, then press 0. Press
    Dial again.

    4) Press accept call, then press hold, then press deny.
    5) You're now in the contact list! Horray lol, keep going.
    6) Create a new contact with;

    i) The first url: prefs://11
    ii) The second url:

    7) Make sure to save the contact, then press back. You'll now be back on the
    original page. (Slide for emergency)

    8) Slide the emergency lock. Press 0, accept call, hold, then finally deny.
    9) Select the contact, and choose the first URL. (prefs://11)
    10) You should now be taken to the settings page. Go set up a WiFi connection.

    11) Once you've done that, press the home button, and you're back to the original
    12) Slide the emergency lock, press 0, accept call, hold then finally press deny.
    13) Select the contact, now choose the second url. (

    14) Hopefully if you had set up your wifi settings correctly, safari should have loaded
    up the webpage. Scroll down, and select Install AppSnap.

    15) Safari should now close automatically! LEAVE YOUR IPHONE! Dont touch
    it lol, as it should restart within a minute or so. Once its restarted, you should be
    able to view all the usual icons on the iPhone, and you wont get that slide to
    emergency lock. (I.e - Successfull jailbreak!!)

    IF you want to unlock in 1.1.2....

    16) Now go into Installer, then into 1.1.1 Tweaks, then select & install OctoPrep. This
    is very important!! Without this, you wont be able to jailbreak 1.1.2 Once
    done, proceed to the next step. (Btw, this was the hardest part of the procedure,
    the rest is a piece of cake really :P)

    Step 3 - Update to 1.1.2:

    1) Load up iTunes. Make sure your iPhone is docked / connected to your Mac.
    2) iTunes should now say that there's an update available for your iPhone (1.1.2),
    and you can update. Press the update button! (DONT PRESS THE RESTORE

    3) iTunes will now begin to update your iPhone to 1.1.2, this process takes abit of
    time as it involves downloading the 1.1.2 ipsw & updating your iPhone.
    4) Once this is done, your iPhone will restart. Proceed to the next step.

    Step 4 - Jailbreak 1.1.2:

    1) Stick the iPhone in the dock. (if it isnt)
    2) Make SURE iTunes is closed & not running.
    3) Download the 1.1.2 Jailbreak (Click Here)
    4) Go into the 1.1.2 jailbreak folder.
    4) Double click on jailbreak.jar

    5) A window will popup talking about the 1.1.2 Jailbreak. Tick the Enable SSH box,
    and change the SSH password if you want. (Default is alpine)
    6) Press the Jailbreak! button.
    5) It should start working. Leave it be, there will be a progress bar indicating your
    progress. (Wait a while) If you get cannot connect / detect iPhone error, read
    the F.A.Q below!!

    If it gets stuck whilst at 'reading flash image', make sure auto-lock is set to off /
    never. Restart the process again.

    6) You should get a message detailing the successfull jailbreak, saying please reboot
    your phone now. Reboot the iPhone. (Hold the power button to shut it down,
    then press the power button again to start it up again)

    7) If everything went well, your iPhone is now activated! Enjoy.

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