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    Uh-oh, i think i'm in trouble. I have a OTB 1.1.2 that had been activated and running on AT&T.

    I tried the unlocking/downgrade method. Successfully got to the point at the end of the first page tutorial where it was running 1.1.1 jailed and unactivated.

    When I started the second page, I dialed the number, and received a call back but did not get an option to push "x", so I 'declined' the call. I then panicked becaused the phone went into a spinning 'disconnecting' mode. I then panicked more and reconnected my ipHone to the my mac and restored my phone in iTunes hoping to redo this process. Unfortunately, i could not see the AT&T anymore, so I tried to continue the process, figured out how to call properly, and downloaded AppSnapp. Now, iTunes won't read the iPhone, and iNdependence cannot read my iPhone. I'm I up the creek without a paddle?

    2007-12-01 05:16 PM