1. Master Luke's Avatar
    Hi, I've got this iphone but it's not unlocked.. Its version 1.1.2 (which i know can't be unlocked yet), however the guy said it was jailbroken.. does this make any difference?? Plase help, Thanks
    2007-12-06 03:20 PM
  2. twiggs462's Avatar
    As of right now you cannot unlock the 1.1.2 phones (that came that way out of the box new) - Jailbroken just means that you can install 3rd party apps and such.

    Be patient. I assume a fix will be out by X-mas (hopefully) - things are always patched in due time.

    Also if you feel obligated, donate to the developers. They don't get paid for these services. Might give them an incentive to move on it.
    2007-12-06 06:23 PM
  3. bebex's Avatar
    to be more specific, jailbreak is to activate the iphone so that you are allow to access all of its functions. However, it does not in any way activates the phone nor it unlocks it for use with any carrier..
    2007-12-07 12:16 AM