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  1. arvindk62's Avatar
    Hi ppl,

    I have been reading thro the various posts but im unable to find the info
    i need. Mayb im not looking at the right posts!! pls help me out

    I unlocked my 1.1.1 iphone out of the box using
    and unlocked using IPSF which i purchased through
    it took less then 30 minutes when i first unlocked it.

    everything worked fine, for more than a month until yesterday,
    while running IRadio(super cool app) the iphone crashed and i was
    thrown into the restore mode. I could not get the phone out of
    restore mode. So i restored 1.1.1 using itunes 7.4.2 and now im unable
    to jailbreak it again.

    ive tried to jailbreak using, safari hangs, but it doesnt
    activate even after 10-20 minutes.

    independence detects the iphone as follows
    Connected to iphone
    firmware : 1.1.1
    AFC Connection

    im use a macbook with leopard

    says that the iphone has to be downgraded to 1.0.2 and
    the the special upgrade to 1.1.1 and jailbreak/activate.

    i would like to know whether this is the only way to unlock, and if i do so
    will the IPSF unlock remain or do i hav to purchase IPSF again and unlock??

    2007-12-10 06:03 AM
  2. Kyle Matthews's Avatar
    IPSF is generally pretty good about supporting their product, I would email them a quick synopsis of whats up.

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    2007-12-10 10:25 PM
  3. a_Phone's Avatar
    try this... hoke it up back to itune, let it recognize it (get the activation screen on itune) then try again threw jailbreakme one more time.

    good luck
    2007-12-10 10:31 PM
  4. tamz273's Avatar
    you need to try ALOT of time in order for it to work... sometimes restarting ur iphone and others just trying 2 and 3 times after eachother...

    i usually wait for the "slide for emergency" text to go by 10 times and if it hasnt restarted i try again... this also depends on ur connection, so u might want to wait longer... but if uve restored and are in 1.1.1, will work no problem at all, just try several times over and over... for me its all about how lucky i get!
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    2007-12-11 12:59 AM