1. penguin_tri's Avatar
    I have only recently found out that when buying an iphone you dont take out the contract in the shop but do so online. From what I have read i realise that i would not be able to unlock this iphone, but i do not want to as I would want to use my o2 pay and go sim. Is it possibble to just get past the activation without taking out a new o2 contract and using my old o2 sim without unlocking?
    2007-12-11 11:43 PM
  2. Kijoki's Avatar
    There is a way to unlock the OTB 1.1.2 to anysim O2. Thats the only thing you can do. Try searching here I do not remember exactly where it was...( i believe it was an external link)
    2007-12-12 12:01 AM
  3. penguin_tri's Avatar
    yea thats what i wanted to do, think i found it here

    2007-12-12 12:11 AM