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    I have been getting many questions about the Magic SIM method. I will try to clear up as much confusion as I can in this post. First, the Magic SIM software version that was linked in the other post can only talk to a card writer on the serial port. I have been told by many people that Magic SIM offers a usb driver/compatible version of their software.

    Also I forgot to mention that Woron Scan comes with the Magic SIM software. Second, the IMSI and ICCID are the only things that the phone uses to validate the SIM card and therefore the ki does not need to be programmed into the dual SIM.

    According to mitts who talked with Eric from Magic SIM, The latest version of Magic SIM (v16) is NOT programmable while the one linked to in my original post (v15) is. This leads me to my final conclusion, BigBuckz could be lying about getting this method to work.

    As I said in my original post, this is ONLY a theory. BigBuckz had talked with g who apparently said that the method had worked 100%, though after looking through the thread his claim is starting to not look legit. For one, he has absolutely no proof that he successfully programmed a Magic SIM and used it to unlock his iPhone. Next, he claims in the thread to have used v16 which isnít programmable. Last, this method contains no IMSI and ICCID timing as seen on Turbo SIM.

    As mitts has pointed out to me, a crucial part of this that was overlooked was IMSI / ICCID timing and counting. When power is given to the Turbo SIM, it sends the IMSI and ICCID two times at crucial points when the phone is actually checking for validity. From here on until the SIM card is disconnected the Turbo SIM sends the actual IMSI and ICCID. Therefore unless the programmed dual SIM just happens to send the programmed IMSI and ICCID at the right times before switching to the actual IMSI and ICCID WITHOUT disconnecting, it is not possible for this method to work.

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    We will have to wait and see if there any more confirmations if this method is genuine. So far only ONE person has apparantly got this to work.
    2007-12-13 10:19 AM