1. Jfiene09's Avatar

    If I understand this correctly, jailbreaking my iphone will allow me to have access to coding and certain things that apple has "jailed." By doing this it will it allow me to modify the phone and add 3rd party apps?

    I have att service, so I don't need to do a sim unlock, I would just like the ability to customize some of the features and use some of the 3rd party applications and from my understanding, which is very limited, jailbreaking is perfectly safe.

    If that is the case and jailbreaking the phone will allow me to do what I want to do.. can anyone point me to a good guide to get started? I bought the phone with 1.1.1 and then through itunes upgrades to 1.1.2 which is what it is at now. I have not unlocked, jailbroken or done anything to the phone so far.

    Im very limited in my understanding of this stuff and there are so many different guides for unlocking and jailbreaking and I don't really understand any of it, so any help would be great.

    2007-12-18 01:36 AM
  2. xplod4202's Avatar
    all the guides are good, pick one and follow it. It would be called jailbreaking the phone.
    2007-12-18 01:41 AM