1. p42o's Avatar
    Alright. i am dumb and updated my phone to 1.1.2

    Needless to say i lost all my **** and i was put back to a standard iPhone setup, only strange thing is my service was ****** and my carrier said "F... You."

    Anyway i went about downgrading and did a ton of weird stuff calling like #*307# and did all the installer app thing. Now im left with 1.1.1., The "****
    You" carrier, messed up service, and im confused.

    What do i have to do to get things workign smoothly again? im seirously stumped and i need to get this **** straightened out before morning, please anyone help me with this . thanks
    2007-12-19 01:25 PM
  2. Donald.Brown01's Avatar
    2007-12-19 01:33 PM