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    From hackintosh:


    "I was just passed a link on Facebook for a site claiming to be releasing an unlock for the new 4.6 bootloader soon.

    The only reason I'm even considering it could be real is that they don't simply say "GIVE US UR MONIEZ" as they are obviously preparing something, unless they're just hoping.

    I'm definitely not vouching for this site, I've got no idea if it's real but I'm going to watch and hope as I want to get my girlfriend a new iPhone and want to be able to actually use it.

    Anyway, if anyone is interested I figured I'd share the site:


    NOTE: I have NO idea if it's real or not, so don't take my word on its authenticity!"
    iPhone 8GB
    Great Music player but can only hold 1000 songs
    Need an iPhone that can hold my >100,000 songs
    I'm still dreaming.
    2007-12-20 06:45 AM
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    already replied to the original thread on hackintosh.. LOL..

    looks intresting though..
    2007-12-20 06:58 AM