1. MetallicaFan1991's Avatar
    My iPhone is on 2.0 unlocked, I'm on O2 contract, not the official iPhone contract.

    However I told my iPhone was 1.1.2 OTB and can I put an O2 iPhone PaynGo sim and activate.

    They replied put the iPhone payngo sim in and iTunes will activate it and then you can upgrade to 2.0.

    Not tried this, but would this work?
    2008-07-29 05:57 PM
  2. mr_greedy's Avatar
    Hmm. I've got a 3g iPhone here in the UK.

    It was sold to me as an unwanted upgrade. The pwn tool can't activate it, the phone gives the "No Service" error if you try that way.

    If I put my O2 (non iPhone) Contract SIM in and try to activate what do you reckon will happen?
    2008-07-30 02:23 PM
  3. MetallicaFan1991's Avatar
    Ye it worked

    MBP 15" 2.66Ghz Core 2 Duo Nvidia 9400M 9600GT 256MB OS X 10.6.4 Windows 7 June 2009
    iPhone 4 August 28th
    2008-08-09 07:15 PM
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