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    ok had a problem with my phone yesterday it was stuck on the recovery mode screen i got that fixed now i put in my sim card and i get an incorrect sim insert unlocked and valid sim to activate iphone what do i do now i am a tmobile customer i kno i have to jailbreak it i tried the wifi method and with ibrickr it says "everything is ready to go please wait while we extract the neccesary firmware files" but it sits at this screen forever help pls
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    2007-12-31 02:12 AM
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    well jailbreak using the 307 method
    you are in 1.1.1 right?.....if you are then try this

    2007-12-31 02:31 AM
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    yea i tried that my screens look different im getting the recovery screen and with the words incorrect sim over top of it
    2007-12-31 02:45 AM
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    yeah....I had that once...
    well.......then put it in restore mode....and boot it with ibrickr....
    if its red, it'll send you to activation screen and try it again
    if its green, or if the jailbreak didn't worked again, just restore...and try it again...
    hope it helped
    2007-12-31 02:50 AM
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    okay ill try that i hope it works

    aww man i tunes/ibrickr are not reading my phone its like it doesnt exist whats going on......

    edit: got it restoring using itunes i can get ibrickr to read the phone though
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    2007-12-31 03:00 AM
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    at this point what are you doing now
    2007-12-31 05:22 AM
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    ok i got the phone fully restored and jailbroken activated unlocked one big problem......do anything service wise i.e make calls and text the word tmobile is not at the top of the screen like it used to be the bars are to the lowest signal strenght when i text it says message error when i attempt a call it says call failed whats goin on.....i have full funcations of the phone but i have no service
    2007-12-31 07:28 AM