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    Hi everyone
    I hope you guys can help me. I have an unlocked iphone but when itunes upgraded to 7.7 and my iphone was locked up all over again. But this time I had big problems. It keeps on telling me to plug into itune so I do and it says that I need to restore. So I did and everything was going great until I went to jailbreak it. Every time I go to jailbreak it and it goes to restart into recovery mode. Itunes tells me to restore the iphone and if I donít jailbreak say my iphone is not connected. I have no idea what to do I even tried to ibrickr and something happens. Please help me!! oh and the other thing when it tells me to plug into itunes itís a different screen the plug that is shown is different. It shows the plug part that goes into the computer not the part that goes into the iphone. I thought that was a little weird that it changed
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    2008-07-14 02:47 PM
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    just found out the reason my screen is different is bc my phone is some how a 2.0
    2008-07-14 04:53 PM
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    You are going to need to downgrade back to 1.1.4 to get it working again. There's a few tutorials around, try THIS or THIS.
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    2008-07-14 05:34 PM