1. ianormok's Avatar

    has anybody tried this before??


    can anybody confirm that this software actually unlocks and activates 2g/3g iphone with 2.0 firmware?
    2008-07-16 01:52 PM
  2. danieldenniss's Avatar
    IT does not unlock 3g iphones, i am still trying to get my money back, but they are really fighting me..

    I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS WEBSITE., they are going to sell you the same pawnage tool you can get here for free, thats it
    2008-08-10 06:51 AM
  3. andrew.julian's Avatar
    This website is a scam, they sale a freeware. They use paypal as a payment method because they know that paypal doesn't cover software in their warranty. Any other website that claims to have the iphone 3g software-based unlock as today is a scam. Just check this forum or the dev team blog. they offer it for free.
    2008-08-10 09:07 AM
  4. luiz's Avatar
    nope theyre no scam... u have to read the site first

    it says:
    "Solution will JailBreak, Activate, provide Cydia Installer & Apple App Store on all 3G, V2.0, & older iPhones, & Unlock V2.0 iPhones not 3G"
    meaning that they can activate and jailbreak 2g and 3g; but unlock only 2g
    2008-08-10 09:54 AM
  5. tvdgina85's Avatar
    My husband tried unlocking a 3g through them a few weeks ago and what scammers.they took our money and then never gave us the login info to be able to use the app. so now i have to play tag with paypal to get the money back because they wont even email back, even after contacting them on their website about 5 times. stay away from that site
    2013-08-26 02:32 PM