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    Hi, I have 14 iphones week 43 all uk.
    I have contacted the producers of next sim 2 that they say that this product doesn't work with European telephones, but only with telephones US and that the week 43 don't require of such plug, because it doesn't have the bootloader 4.6 native.
    All of my telephones serial 7w7437xxx, have bootloader 4.6_M3S2 "verified me same", modem 04.02.13_G, firmware 1.1.2 (3B48b).
    I have effected the procedure of activation following this guide:
    and all works, also the telephone with sim prepaid O2.
    If I put an Italian sim, it doesn't work, it says that the sim is not abbilitata.
    I have tried to decontrol the telephone with AnySim 1.2.U but it doesn't work, it says that he cannot decontrol this telephone.
    Does the possibility exist to decontrol the week 43, by software as it says next sim???
    If him, how, which guide needs to follow???
    You excuse my English, but I am Italian and I use a translator.
    Thanks for the help, are great.!!!

    Does nobody know how to answer to my question???
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    2008-01-04 05:25 PM
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    1. you will need wait until dev team get secpack from 1.1.3 and make possible to unlock 1.1.2

    2. Or simply you need this: http://www.stealthsim.com/
    Country: Latvia
    Carrier: LV LMT
    Runing On FW: 2.0 BL 3.9
    2008-01-04 06:52 PM
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    so the fate of the dev teams rides on apple...how ironic...

    just to clarify, as this is looking very bleak, there will be new hope for a software unlock of otb1.1.2 when 1.1.3 comes along ?
    2008-01-04 07:10 PM