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  1. evanfr0mheaven's Avatar
    i have followed this following guide to a T

    Some people seem to be having it work for them so i must just be doing something wrong!

    I have downgraded to Itunes 7.5.2 because he said i needed to downgrade it.. when i plug my iphone in it says connect to itunes, then itunes pops up and its in restore mode.

    i am on a mac by the way!

    I hit option and restore and click on the 1.1.4 firmware that i found on this forum and it goes through the whole extracting software thing and then says an unknown error occured with iphone "iphone" (error 5). and then the phone disconnects from itunes.

    I'm just way too frustrated to keep going.. Any help would be greatly appreciated. preferably step by step stuff. Thanks a ton.
    2008-07-19 12:20 AM
  2. highrider17's Avatar
    yea mines kinda the same, i have a mac to and i just dont know how to make my 1.1.4 firemware file that i downloaded like a box that i can just click when my ipods in restore. All it is, is just a file that has more files in it, so it doesnt work when i try to restore my phone. God ive been at this for days i need serious help too. All i want to do is unlock it to make calls
    2008-07-19 01:56 AM
  3. big bad bri's Avatar
    to got the file to download so it can then be loaded onto your iphone you have to change your download settings on your mac first. go into safari preferences and then uncheck the box that says automatically open safe files. once you do that download the 1.1.4 file again and put your phone into recovery mode. attach it to the dock again so itunes opens up and it will detect the iphone in recovery mode. hold alt and click on restore in itunes and then select the file you have just downloaded.

    I've got this far but now I have no network, no signal at all. So i'm trying to fix that now!
    2008-07-20 12:30 AM

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