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    My phone has 1.1.1 on it. I am able to install appsnapp through jailbreakme.com. From there I am able to install the necessary requirements to run anysim; however, anysim will not unlock my phone. I believe that this is due to the fact that the phone has already been previously activated via itunes with att. I have tried to reinstall firmware 1.1.1 from apple by holding down shift but have been unsuccessful in completing the jailbreak. After restoring I can start up the phone and go to the emergency call menu but I am unsuccessful in getting the wifi to connect to prefs://1f jailbreakme.com. The wifi connection manager is non existent and I don't know how to get it without interrupting the jailbreak. So I am then forced to connect the phone to itunes to activate the dashboard. From here I can repeat what I have already done.

    Please help.
    2008-01-05 07:18 AM
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    2008-01-05 07:19 AM