1. Fexone's Avatar
    Im using a 1st gen iphone, just got it from a friend, its at 2.0, i tried watching the video and downgrading and im stuck. i uninstalled itunes, downloaded the 7.5 version, instaleld 7.5, when goin into rec mode, i did the whole 10sec thing, but when hitting shift and clicking on restore my iphone doesnt take the 1.1.4 firmware, i get a error msg, it has a number of 1015. My iphone is stuck with the picture of the plug icon and the cd music icon, i cant get that off my screen. Can this be fixed ?????

    And can anyone pass me directions and possbily links to what and where i need to go, to get my 2.0 to a 1.1.4 ????
    2008-07-19 07:18 PM
  2. Q Touch's Avatar
    I'm in the same page but didn't know that it can be downgrade it
    2008-07-19 07:44 PM