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    i dont know whats wrong with my phone, i do have service but no signal on 1.1.2, 1.1.1, and 1.0.2 unlocked. or i do have service and bars but then a minute later it says no service, i seriously dont know whats wrong, rite now i am on 1.02 and 3.14.08_G.

    i have t-mobile btw

    so then i put my sim in to my girlfriends phone, and it cant find any service either. i though something was wrong with my sim instead of the phone, so i tried her sim on my iphone, and it doesnt work either. so i dont know whats wrong, my phone, or my sim, or both!?!?!

    and now my girlfriend sim is not even working in her own phone!?!?!
    can someone please help?
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    T-mobile Unlocked 1.1.4!
    2008-01-06 06:29 AM
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    please check the IMEI with the original at&t simcard in or without it in your iphone. If IMEI is 0049000xxx when the simcard in or original # 0113000070xxx number pop up when the simcard out . Reboot everytime sim in or out. Your iphone is ok. The problem is the Anysim or iUnlock you used to unlock the sim mess up the seczone. There is a topic show you how to fix it. One more thing to mention if the IMEI # still the same 00490000xxx even original out after reboot. Your iPhone is dead by now
    2008-01-07 03:58 AM
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    do i need a att card? cause i lost mine. with my t-mobile sim, the imei is fine, 0130000xxxx. and think i have already virginzed my phone already, and still no luck. and what do you mean my iphone is dead?
    T-mobile Unlocked 1.1.4!
    2008-01-07 05:03 AM
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    hi dtran
    if the simcard is in , it shows the original IMEI #. Your iphone can be fixed. The seczone is messed up because the Anysim , iUnlock you used to unlock the 1.0.2 firmware mess it to unlock. There is a virginziner_pack to fix. Go to the Forums here, looking for Modding. There is a topic name Jailbreak / Downgrading / Upgrading . Look for a link name [GUIDE] Downgrade v1.1.1 to v1.0.2 + Fix Seczone (Automated) & Upgrade to v1.1.1. If you have 1.0.2 firmware, do the Phase 3 without the simcard in your iphone. Read carefully, Keep iPhone awake all time. Press yes in all the question. Back up the seczone. Reply me if u have any question
    2008-01-07 12:49 PM
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    ok nvm everything, i guess the problem wasnt my iphone, it was t-mobile, or i just dont have service in my house anymore. as soon as i went on my freeway today, i had signal. so thanks anyways. now im gonna go yell at t-mobile CC!
    T-mobile Unlocked 1.1.4!
    2008-01-08 04:30 AM